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High Tech Greenhouse ?

Instead of a traditional method, high tech greenhouse let the plant grow in a healthy condition with vigorous effort. It allows you to check the ideal conditions for plant cultivation such as temperature, humidity, lighting, O2/ CO2 rate, watering and fertilizing. Therefore this allows the plants to develop at a greater pace.

The gel technology used in our new generation greenhouses increase the productivity, thanks to nonstop water and nutritition feeding, comparing to the traditional methods


Advantages of High Tech Greenhouse ?

High Efficiency : Growing is constant.

24/7 Control : Development stage is controlled by spesific software.

Of high quality and tasty product : Since all micro and macro elements controlled by system. Final products are marketable.

Suitable for any environment: It is applicable even in barren, stony and salty environments that are not suitable to grow plants

No preparation :High tech greenhouse is ready to use.

No Crop Rotation: Since we can controll the environment there is no need for crop rotation.


Prefered Plants

Mostly prefered plants to grow in greenhouses